Welcome Moms!

We’re all a little wilted. Very tired. A little unhappy sometimes. And I would say a little, but… very opinionated. We’re moms! There is so much judgment in the mom community, when we’re all doing our best and making ends meet. It makes no sense. We are all incredibly doing the impossible!

Don’t get me wrong, motherhood is BEAUTIFUL and great and full of love. However, there can be dark sides, hard times, and breaking points. As moms, we tend to glorify and highlight the best parts, so we constantly live up to these unrealistic standards of having to be “perfect parents” all day, every day. We are all such different people, but going through this together. Let’s support each other!

One mom may be single, living in a low income community with little resources. Another mom may have a great family, but suffer from cancer, or her child is. Another mom may have a picture perfect life, but suffers from mental illness in ways no one understands.

I plan to speak on some big issues. And hope that we can respect others and walk in their shoes to see their perspective. We can learn a little and support a lot.

This is the beginning, who knows where we will go from here.