Welcome Mamas!

My name is Mandi, and I am the founder of MotherhoodGetsBetter. I have two sons (born in 2012 and 2013) who were placed in an open adoption, and a son (who is their half brother) born in June 2016. I really wanted to create a safe place for moms to share experiences, and recognize both the good and the bad with motherhood. It is really important to me to stop the “filtering” in mom blogs, that only highlight the good moments. Motherhood is HARD, and we need to uplift one another, even in the hard times, even when talking about the tough topics.

The MotherhoodGetsBetter Mission

Networking with other moms is such a powerful thing. You can learn so much from other people, find resources you never knew about, and just be inspired and empowered to pursue your goals or even just get through the day. I want to…

  • Make your day better
  • Make you think about, and open your mind to topics, big and small
  • Offer support to all moms from all walks of life
  • Connect other moms from all locations and find resources that could be helpful
  • Create a strong community of moms who have an unbreakable bond

Read. Write. Leave feedback. Tell me what you want to hear about. Support other moms. Smile. And I hope you can find some enjoyment in your day.

Xoxo from one tired mom to another

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