Everyone blogs now, right? I’ll admit, I’ve tried it before and it wasn’t my cup of tea. I need an outlet and am convincing myself to stick with something. I think we all need that. A space to talk about big things and little things, openly, and to support one another and learn to have opinion minds that respect another’s opinion. I want to talk about controversial things, learn about my readers, see motherhood up close and personal, and just really create a strong community of mothers.

That’s my little man. Just months away from a whole year of being alive. My motivation to be a full time, working mom. It’s hard. He is why I keep going. He is why I will always take whatever risks I can in life so that he can have the best future, no matter how exhausted I am at the end of the day.

I could ramble about my son forever. But really. Read. Write. Leave feedback. Tell me what you want to hear about. Support other moms. Smile. And I hope you can find some enjoyment in your day.

Xoxo from one tired mom to another